Kreeta-Maria Kentala. Photo: Ulla Nikula.
Sun 6.9.2020 06.00 pm The House of Nobility, Helsinki
The Residency Series at the House of Nobility

The Autumn Fanfare

Orchestral Joy

Händel – Somis – J. S. Bach

Kreeta-Maria Kentala, violin and leader
Finnish Baroque Orchestra


Georg Friedrich Händel's Water Music and Johann Sebastian Bach's orchestral suites are iconic music for Baroque orchestras, airy and dancing and filled with cooing of wind instruments and charming figures. We will now hear Bach's orchestral suite No. 3 in D major, with its beloved Air. 

Händel's Water Music was a hit already during its time. It was performed in different versions in the theatres and music halls of London. Originally, the piece was intended as outdoors entertainment for the court: the Water Music suites were created in order to accompany a royal boat ride on the river Thames in the summer of 1717. The orchestra, with up to 50 musicians, had been packed into a boat that advanced on the river next to the king's boat. King George I was enthralled by what Händel had produced, and had the suites played again and again during the trip and the subsequent dinner. The music flowed over the water, and the river was crowded with listeners in boats, wanting to get their share of the sweet music. We will now hear the suite in F major from Water Music suites. 

Baroque violin explorer Kreeta-Maria Kentala also brings a rarity to the concert by Giovanni Battista Somis, whose violin sonatas she has also recorded. The violin composer, forgotten for no reason, functions as a link between the French and Italian music cultures. In Turin, he was marinated in French influences, but through his French students, he made the Italian violin style part of French music. 

Duration: 1 h (no intermission)

Concert programme (in Finnish)

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The doors to the House of nobility will open 30 minutes before the concert begins. The audience will be directed into the hall through two doorways according to their seats. Jackets can be left in the cloakroom or taken into the hall. On every seat there will be information about the repertoire and the performers, and the official program can be found on the concert’s website. 

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