Tomas Djupsjöbacka. Photo: Antti Hannuniemi.
Sun 18.10.2020 11.30 am Sibelius Hall, Lahti
Sibelius-festivaali 2020

Sibelius with period instruments

Visiting the Sibelius Festival


Finnish Baroque Orchestra
Tomas Djupsjöbacka, conductor


This concert offers an unprecedented chance to hear familiar works by Sibelius played on instruments from his time! The concert launches FiBO's project Sibelius and his contemporaries, in which the historic study of performance practices that revolutionised the performance of Baroque and Classic works, and above all, the use of period instruments, are now put in practice with the orchestral music by Sibelius. Thus we can expect a different harmony experience; more lucid and light than we are usually accustomed to. 

In the concert, we will hear works composed for a medium sized orchestra in chronological order. The program begins with the suite Rakastava (The Lover), originally written for male choir and orchestrated by the composer himself for strings and percussion. Its generous and flowing melodics are heirs to the Romantic aesthetics. The program also includes stage play music, a composition form which is very central in Sibelius’s production. Sibelius composed stage play music throughout his whole life, and it became a sort of laboratory, in which he could try out various styles and ideas. 

The master pieces from Sibelius’ middle period are represented by a suite compiled of parts of the music he composed for the play Pelleas and Melisande by Maurice Maeterlinck. Especially the final part, The Death of Melisande, is much more profound than could be assumed from the name stage play music. The music to Shakespeare’s play The Tempest represents the master’s last, already simplified works. We will hear Suite No. 2 for a smaller orchestra. 

Sibelius’ whole aesthetics developed from abundance towards a more concentrated form. This concerned both the symphonic form, which culminated in his 7th symphony in only one movement, and concretely the number of notes in the motives. The short parts of the suite The Tempest are masterly miniatures, in which the different characters, their personality and the events of the play are pictured with concentrated forms. 

The Finnish Baroque Orchestra is conducted by Tomas Djupsjöbacka, the conductor behind the project Sibelius and contemporaries. 

Duration: 1 h (no intermission)

Tickets 20 € (adults and retired persons), 10 € (children, students and unemployed persons): Sibeliustalo, Lippupiste's points of purchase and