Joonas Ahonen. Photo: Albert Scoma.
Sun 26.1.2020 06.00 pm The House of Nobility, Helsinki
The Residency Series at the House of Nobility

The Beginning of a New Time

Chamber music by Beethoven and Ries


Joonas Ahonen, fortepiano
Baptiste Lopez, violin and leader
FiBO Players


Ludwig van Beethoven was a great revolutionary, who brought music into the new Romantic era and transformed the role of the composer from an artisan into a unique creative individual. In this concert, we meet him together with his friend Ferdinand Ries at the beginning of the new century. Ries was Beethoven’s student, and a composer and pianist, who became his secretary and good friend.

First performed in 1800, Beethoven’s Septet became a great hit. In the spirit of 18th century serenades, it had the abundance of large chamber music works while combining the winds and strings into the effervescent discussion in a fascinating manner. Ries, too, composed for large chamber ensembles, with the piano playing the main role. Ries’ Grand Otetto from 1816 is already steadily grounded in Romanticism, with its soaring melodies and wide gestures.

Joonas Ahonen, master of Classical music, plays the fortepiano in the concert. He will also interpret Beethoven’s mellow and melancholic Piano Sonata No. 12. Together with The Septet, it belongs to the time when Beethoven had begun his career as symphonist. The sonata is known for its funeral march, predicting the Eroica symphony. The funeral march was also performed at Beethoven’s funeral.

Duration: 2 h (incl. intermission)

Petteri Pitko introduces the concert at the House of Nobility on 26.1. from 17–17.30.

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