Anni Elonen, Piia Maunula and Anna-Maaria Oramo. Photos: Chris-Tomas Konieczny Photography, Juuso Westerlund and Ville Paul Paasimaa.
Thu 27.8.2020 06.00 pm German Church, Helsinki
The Chamber Concert Series of the German Church


Georg Friedrich and the capital of Halle


FiBO Players:
  Piia Maunula, oboe
  Anni Elonen, violin
  Anna-Maaria Oramo, harpsichord


The cantor of the church Marktkirche Unser Lieben Frauen in the city of Halle, Germany, Friedrich Wilhelm Zachow (1663–1712) was Georg Friedrich Händel’s (1685–1759) only music teacher. His style and lessons left significant marks in the tone language of Händel, and it is also known that Händel copied his teacher’s instrumentations and compositions later on in his own work. 

Zachow taught the young Georg Friedrich to play the organ, harpsichord, violin and oboe, as well as counterpoint and composing. Zachow handled both the traditional style and the new European influences as well as different countries’ styles, and all this he showed his student. Already as a 9-year-old, Händel studied and copied different master composers’ works, Zachow steadily coaching by his side. Every week he also composed music for the church services and functioned as Zachow’s cantor stand in. Zachow also helped Händel to get the position as the organ assistant at the cathedral of Halle. Later on, at the age of 17, Händel was hired as the organist. 

Händel composed a lot of pieces for his beloved instruments violin and oboe already as a child and youth, and also Zachow knew how to write music for these instruments. The reason behind Händel’s large collection of oboe pieces probably has to do with Zachow’s work with getting Händel passionate about the instrument already as a teenager.

The concert is organized with exceptional arrangements to ensure the safety of the listeners and the musicians: Only 45 tickets are up for sale and they can only be purchased in the webshop. The audience is seated with safety distances taken into account. Hand sanitizer and face masks are offered. You must not have any kind of symptoms of a respiratory infection when attending a concert.  

The initiative resulting in the organizing of the summer concerts came from a German parish that wanted to support freelance musicians. Our warmest thanks to the parish for the cooperation. 

Duration: 40 min (no intermission)

The ticket sale begins on 10th June 2020 at 9 am.

Tickets 20 €: (no ticket sale at the door)

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