Pauliina Fred. Photo: Mark Niskanen.
Thu 20.8.2020 06.00 pm German Church, Helsinki
The Chamber Concert Series of the German Church

Mozart, Mozart!

Flute quartets and opera arrangements


FiBO Players:
  Pauliina Fred, recorder
  Minna Kangas, violin
  Laura Kajander, viola
  Louna Hosia, cello


"An instrument that I can’t stand", wrote Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to his father in 1778 and meant the flute. Mozart liked the clarinet, the bassoon and other wind instruments, but never learned to like the flute. That being said, he appreciated the excellent flutist of Mannheim’s court orchestra, J. B. Wendling. This probably had some positive influences on the birth and quality of Mozart's flute quartets. Mozart composed three quartets (probably in G, C and D major) and two concertos as commissioned work. This turned out to be problematic: Mozart did not get all the compositions that he had promised ready in time and got only half of his wage. His father wrote letters to him complaining about the situation, and the son answered once again: "– – you know how powerless I get when I am forced to compose for an instrument that I can’t stand."

Chamber music arrangements of operas were very popular during the turn of the century (1700–1800). Many versions of Mozart’s operas arranged for different ensembles have been found. Some are made by Mozart himself, and some by unknown composers from the same time. The trio arrangement of The Magic Flute is Mozart’s work, though made of compulsion: "In front of me I have gotten the unpleasant task to by next Sunday arrange my opera for wind instruments. If I don't do it, somebody else will, and get the profits of it", writes Mozart to his father on July 20, 1782. 

In this concert, the flute is inevitable. 

The concert is organized with exceptional arrangements to ensure the safety of the listeners and the musicians: Only 45 tickets are up for sale and they can only be purchased in the webshop. The audience is seated with safety distances taken into account. Hand sanitizer and face masks are offered. You must not have any kind of symptoms of a respiratory infection when attending a concert.  

The initiative resulting in the organizing of the summer concerts came from a German parish that wanted to support freelance musicians. Our warmest thanks to the parish for the cooperation. 

Duration: 45 min (no intermission)

The ticket sale begins on 10th June 2020 at 9 am.

Tickets 20 €: (no ticket sale at the door)

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