Photo: Juuso Westerlund
Sat 26.10.2019 07.00 pm Kanneltalo, Helsinki

Symphonies of an Adventurer

Alessandro Stradella’s string trios all at once


FiBO Players:
  Aira Maria Lehtipuu and Hannu Vasara, violin
  Louna Hosia, cello
  Marianna Henriksson,  harpsichord, organ and musical direction


“Your Excellency, for two years already I have roamed the streets earning my income as a musician, often successfully, but those who navigate on this particular sea without guardians against the caprices of fate, must face situations like these…”

At Kanneltalo, we dive into the instrumental music of Alessandro Stradella (1639–1682), which shifts interestingly at the border between early and full Baroque. The program includes all nine of Stradella’s preserved symphonies for two violins and continuo. They hold surprising twists, and convey dramatic emotions.

Stradella’s life truly offered material for flagrant music. He travelled from Rome to Venice, and through Turin to Geneva, and wherever he went, scandals and love affairs followed. A sham marriage, planned for economic benefit, failed in Rome, as the infuriated partner of his Venetian student and mistress followed him to Turin and had him beaten. A letter, disguised as a cantata, for his lover in convent was revealed, which almost resulted in an international diplomatic conflict. Finally, life was sweet and gaudy in Geneva – which in the end, led to Stradella being murdered. But during all this time, Stradella composed operas, oratorios, cantatas – and of course string symphonies, those little concentrations of unspoken feelings.

The phases of Stradella’s life are reflected in his preserved letters. Quotes translated into Finnish will be read between the trio symphonies. In this way, we can hear Stradella’s voice both in the form of his own words, and in the form of his music, which is all too seldom performed in Finland.

Duration: 1 h 30 min (incl. intermission)