Minna Nyberg and Jani Sunnarborg. Photo: Jonte Knif.
Fri 4.10.2019 07.00 pm House of the volunteer fire department, Parainen
Baroque Labyrinths Festival

Crazy about you

Encounters through baroque gesture, dance and music

Clerambault – Campra – Lully – Couperin – de la Barre – Händel – Corelli – Pecour

Minna Nyberg, soprano and baroque gestures
Jani Sunnarborg, bassoon and baroque dance
Sigrid T'Hooft, direction of baroque gestures
FiBO Players


Baroque music was built from gestures. The rhetorical pieces formed greater wholes and strived to affect emotions and to tell a story. In order to strengthen these gestures, the singers needed to gesture with their hands. The singer’s right hand was even considered a second voice; the energy flowed through the body and was released as gestures and expressions. During the Baroque, dance always had to express the characters of the music perfectly. Dance consisted of named dance patterns, and the hands would gesture according to certain rules while keeping in mind the balanced asymmetry. 

At the heart of the concert are the gestures of French instrumental music, vocal music, physical stage expression and stage dancing, as the different genres are explored and compared, together and separately. What do they have in common, and what differs between them? How do they melt together and how do they complete each other?

Amor, the captivating charmer and ruler of hearts, will wound also gods with his arrows. In the concert we meet the scheming Venus, the betrayed and raging Medea, the praying Cleopatra and some anonymous victims of the agony of love.

Duration: 1 h 30 min (incl. intermission)