Leif Aruhn-Solén. Photo: Viktor Olaus Nygård.
Thu 10.10.2019 07.00 pm The great hall of Vaasa City Hall, Vaasa
Vaasa Baroque
Fri 11.10.2019 07.00 pm The great hall of Vaasa City Hall, Vaasa
Vaasa Baroque
Sun 13.10.2019 06.00 pm The House of Nobility, Helsinki
The Residency Series at the House of Nobility


The first significant opera


Leif Aruhn-Solén, tenor
Kajsa Dahlbäck and Tuuli Lindeberg, soprano
Katariina Heikkilä and Essi Luttinen, mezzo-soprano
Niall Chorell and Ian Honeyman, tenor
Jussi Lehtipuu, baritone, Sampsa Vanhala, bass
Finnish Baroque Orchestra
Andrew Lawrence-King, conductor
Johanna Freundlich, direction


Claudio Monteverdi’s Orpheus ("L'Orfeo – Favola in musica") was premiered in 1607. It is considered the world’s first great opera work, and it is still performed worldwide. The original source for the work was Ovid's Metamorphoses, the myth about Orpheus, who descended into the underworld in order to bring back his dead wife Eurydice. Monteverdi and librettist Alessandro Striggio created a heartbreakingly beautiful piece, which paints two contrasting sceneries: on the one hand, a serene and pastoral wedding that unites two lovers, and on the other hand, the dark and grim Hades. The themes of the opera describe both immeasurably great loss and loyal love, but also the power of music. In the story, Orpheus is a masterly player, whose music has a hypnotising effect on the listeners, were they mortals or deities. The music flows in Orpheus’ character when he is feeling strong, but also when he loses his peace of mind and departs on his journey towards the underworld.

Early music festival Vaasa Baroque and the Finnish Baroque Orchestra join forces in this brilliant piece of work. Monteverdi’s Orpheus is seldom performed in Finland, and now a high-class ensemble of committed professionals gather to perform the opera with attention to Monteverdi’s musical character, and with a stylishly streamlined stage language. The music is conducted by renowned pioneer of early music Andrew Lawrence-King, and stage director is Johanna Freundlich, who has been awarded with the Vivica Bandler foundation’s prize Theatre Deed of the Year.

Duration: 2 h 30 min (incl. intermission)

Petteri Pitko introduces the concert at the House of Nobility on 13.10. from 17–17.30.