Photo: Jaakko Paarvala
Sat 2.3.2019 01.00 pm Culture House Kiva, Salo
Sat 2.3.2019 03.00 pm Culture House Kiva, Salo

The Baroque Trip

Children’s concert


FiBO Collegium


The Baroque Trip introduces us to the master composers of the Baroque era. Händel, Bach, Telemann, Sammartini and Corelli are all alive and well on stage, in their wigs and extravagant apparel!

During this dramatized Baroque Trip, we will hear funny stories from the lives of the composers and learn about peculiar phenomena from the Baroque era, told by the composers themselves. The music includes stimulating pieces from Baroque courts, opera houses, as well as peasant village dances. The audience will learn to recognise the ensemble’s old instruments, such as the Baroque violin and cello, different recorders, the traverso, the lute, and the Baroque guitar. The concert also presents the formation of the Baroque orchestra, while engaging the audience: singing the traditional Finnish folk song Lamb Polska, we join the orchestra in making music and we travel to the roots of the theme La Folia, made popular by e.g. Corelli in the 17th century.

Duration: 40 min