Mon 25.11.2019 07.00 pm G Livelab, Helsinki

FiBO Club

After party


The after party of FiBO’s 30th anniversary concert at the House of Nobility is held at the club, and only the sky is the limit for the music that is performed. Guests are oboe magician Alfredo Bernardini and FiBO’s musicians.

FiBO Club is the enthusiastic cousin of the Classics Club, bringing FiBO’s musicians to the G Livelab stage. At the club nights, the audience gets to hear versatile music making and discussions at a bar, in contrast to the ordinary concert environment. There may be surprising enthrallment and conversations, unafraid to engage the audience. Club hostess and club host are flutist Pauliina Fred and Lasse Pipinen, vice chairman of FiBO’s board.

Duration: 1 h 30 min (incl. intermission)