Presenting our Production Manager


FiBO’s new Production Manager Outi Kartano has worked in sports for a long time, but she will now get into a slightly different work environment.

Outi Kartano
What do you do in FiBO?
My official title is Production Manager. In practice, my job includes everything from concrete concert arrangements to administrative tasks.

Tell us about yourself.
This girl from Punkalaidun has moved through Tampere and Lohja to Lempäälä, where our family has now lived for the past 16 years. I have a more than 20-year-long career behind me, half of it managing the recreational activities at Siuntio Spa, and until March 2019 organising Tour de Pirkka events, such as Cycling, Rowing and Jogging.

Have you played an instrument?
As a child, I played through Aaron's Piano School No. 1, so if needed, I could still produce some basic tones on the piano. I would like to challenge our flutist to the Melody Pops playing competition as soon as there's a suitable opportunity…

Has something surprised you in working for FiBO? How does it feel now that you have been working for FiBO for about a month?
Thank you, it feels really good, and the surprises have been only positive. It has been nice to notice that I can be of help. The first month has been quite busy, as the three concerts in the last week of March and the practices relating to them have required some adjusting. After we have survived the Easter-time passion arrangements, you can ask me again.

Which forms of art are closest to your heart?
I’m sorry, but I dare to honestly reveal that it is definitely theatre.

What is your greatest dream?
To enjoy everyday life, make all days good, and to smile when I go to bed.

Which is your favourite travel destination, and why?
I can't get enough of Paris, I always long back to its streets.

In what kind of a place does your soul find rest?
In my home region in Punkalaidun, in the silence under the starry sky, watching the wide open fields. Let's add the soft scent of a warming smoke sauna to the picture, and the feeling is perfect.

With several passions around the corner, the busiest time of year for FiBO is coming, which means plenty of productional work. Have you prepared somehow for the Easter work shift?
I have booked a place to stay in Helsinki, and at home, I've marked in the family calendar that I will be working for a few weeks straight. The passions are carried out in cooperation with partners with many years of experience, and the greater part of schedules, rehearsal bookings and musician bookings were already done before I started. So I can't complain too much about my workload this year.

Which is your guilty pleasure?
I use awfully foul language when I work, I colour the atmosphere with strong words. It sounds horrible and does not at all fit into an appropriate public image, so I try to control myself.

If you had to run the Cooper test or bake for a party of 30 people, which would you choose?
I would definitely throw a party.

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