Near, far – the musicians' thoughts II/V

Musician interview 21.4.2020


The core of the Finnish Baroque Orchestra's work are live performances and warm encounters. The corona spring will be different as our common experiences are moved forwards in time. In our blog series in five parts, our musicians tell about their thoughts and backgrounds. While reading the interviews of the orchestra members, mostly freelancers, the people come closer. It draws a picture of talented and versatile people, and a group of musicians interested in making the world a better place. In the second part of our blog series, the musicians ponder the sources of inspirations and tell about their musical dreams. The musician's thoughts have been compiled from the musician interviews that have been published monthly during three years. 

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Jussi Seppänen. Photo: Ville Paul Paasimaa.

What inspires you as a musician and in life?

When colleagues play. Be it another instrumentalist’s phenomenal control over their instrument, or a tiny improvised insight of someone playing the same basso continuo as me, that nobody even notices.  
- Jussi Seppänen

Reacting together to ineffable an indescribable things.
- Maria Vahervuo

People who are able to see something new in the old and familiar, people who shake customary ways of thinking. This is needed both in music and in life overall. 
- Petteri Pitko

 Chamber music and communication, and their difficulty. 
- Petra Aminoff

I enjoy it the most when music suddenly takes flight, the details strengthen and guide the musical flow, pieces willingly fall into place and things start to happen in the concert, things that no one spoke about during practices. Spontaneity and communication are to me the most important values in music.
- Jaakko Luoma

Which is your greatest musical dream?

I wish that classical music maintains its vivid connection to people also in the future, and that it does not become a museum artifact without any meaning to people’s lives. This is, of course, much on the responsibility of us current makers of music. 
- Petteri Pitko

I dream of challenging musicians to give one day of their lives to children and music, through taking living music to schools in a way that inspires them. I feel there is a need for a joint effort in order to maintain an environment and welfare that support children’s creativity, and also art-life in general. So far I have not done anything concrete for this dream.
- Vappu Helasvuo

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