Presenting our musicians: Anna Rinta-Rahko

Muusikkohaastattelu 11-04-2018

It really was a stroke of luck that Anna Rinta-Rahko was not accepted to play the recorder in her childhood, because she became such a fantastic double bassist!

Photo: Marco Borggreve

Anna Rinta-Rahko

Double bass and G violone

Short introduction
I live in Lahti, on the shore of Vesijärvi Lake. I play in the bass section of Lahti Symphony Orchestra, and I teach the double bass in Lahti Conservatory. During wintertime I can also be found in the ski tracks of Salpausselkä.

Tell us about yourself
My roots are strongly in Southern Ostrobothnia, as both my parents come from Ilmajoki. I grew up in Vaasa, so I am moved by both plains and sea views. I have no family history in music whatsoever, because my family mainly had orientation as a hobby. But when I got into a music class, music took me by storm. 

How did you end up with your instrument? Who or what made you choose it?
When I started in the music class, I realised that many people also take instrument classes. I loved playing the recorder, and I decided to apply to the music institute. But year after year I failed the entry exam. I was so upset. Finally I wrote “any instrument goes” in the application papers, and after a couple of weeks, the principal called and asked if I wanted to start playing the double bass.

What inspires you as a musician and in life?
In music and in the arts generally, the most exciting thing is the feeling of the presence of a great secret. Arts convey a sensation that there is something bigger than us and this everyday life. I experience this inspiration in my work each day. People are inspiring too; I admire and I am fascinated by what my friends do and discover.

What other art form is close to your heart?
Literature. I love to dive into other worlds.

Which is your greatest musical dream?
A bit prosaic, maybe, but my greatest dream is to be able to work as a musician at least until I retire.

Which is your favourite travel destination, and why?
Italy. Because in the countryside you can swish from one village to another on your bike and eat amazing food while enjoying the culture.

In what kind of a place does your soul find rest?
In nature. At home and at my grandparents’ place.

How do you feel your art is affecting society at large?
Working with children, I see the joy that music produces and the feeling of success after working hard. I believe that music as a hobby prepares them with useful skills for life. As a musician, I want to bring forth that arts and science are valuable in themselves, and not always instruments for continuing growth and profit.

Why do you enjoy playing music that is over 300 years old?
Because it gives me goose bumps.

Choose your favourite among FiBO’s spring 2018 concerts, and motivate your choice.
Purcell’s Dido & Aeneas. Because Dido’s lament "When I am laid in earth" touches each listener. Purcell wrote incredibly beautiful songs.

Which is your guilty pleasure? Or do you have a “secret” special skill?
I love good food! I can overeat all too easily. Be it then my guilty pleasure and my special skill.

If you had to run the Cooper test or bake for a party of 30 people, which would you choose?
I would bake, because then I would get to enjoy the company of 30 friends AND the food.

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