Near, far – The musicians' thoughts I/V

Musician interview 30.3.2020


The core of the Finnish Baroque Orchestra's work are live performances and warm encounters. The corona spring will be different as our common experiences are moved forwards in time. In our blog series in five parts, our musicians tell about their thoughts and backgrounds. While reading the interviews of the orchestra members, mostly freelancers, the people come closer. It draws a picture of talented and versatile people, and a group of musicians interested in making the world a better place. In the first part, the musicians ponder the meaning of artistic work in society. There is also talk about tiny guilty pleasures. The musician's thoughts have been compiled from the musician interviews that have been published monthly during three years. 

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Louna Hosia. Photo: Pekka Agarth.

How do you feel your art is affecting society at large? 

The audience’s faces glowing with joy and their whole jubilant beings remind me of that which we all surely strive to at least subconsciously; the happy life. At its best, art can offer these small momentary streaks of joy or even leave a mark for the rest of one’s life. Each one of us searches for these moments in different places, and art is a noteworthy alternative where to find them. 
- Jussi Seppänen

I embrace, declare and demonstrate values that have nothing to do with economic growth, material consumption or power. 
- Pauliina Fred

… we have FiBO, a coalition of eminent musicians, who work actively in the music field in Finland and abroad for people's enjoyment, and hopefully the world is a slightly better and tolerable place thanks to this. And hopefully we can help people understand history and the world we live in.
- Miska Miettunen

A butterfly in China fluttered its wings. Maybe the vibration flicked some air molecule in the exact direction, so that the multiplicative effects had the wind blow from east to west in Italy. Maybe some art experience touches a person’s soul, maybe humanity can increase, maybe the indirect road to knotted emotions goes through art.
And on a practical level, it feels great to move money, people and ideas.
- Laura Kajander

For those like myself who don't have children, art is the legacy we leave behind for future generations. Art is expression, it's how we define the human experience, and ultimately, art is what transcends mortality, whether it be literary, visual, audio, multimedia, interdisciplinary, digital, or other. As such, it's our link to the past, our commentary of the present, and our legacy for the future.
- Christopher Palameta

I want to believe that music makes people feel better, and you can even see that in concerts. Music can bring happiness, warmth, and love, and eliminate stress.
- Anne Pekkala

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