Near, far – The musicians thoughts IV/V

Musician interview 20.5.2020


The core of the Finnish Baroque Orchestra's work are live performances and warm encounters. The corona spring will be different as our common experiences are moved forwards in time. In our blog series in five parts, our musicians tell about their thoughts and backgrounds. While reading the interviews of the orchestra members, mostly freelancers, the people come closer. It draws a picture of talented and versatile people, and a group of musicians interested in making the world a better place. In the fourth part of our blog series, the musicians tell us what other art form is close to their heart. The musician's thoughts have been compiled from the musician interviews that have been published monthly during three years. 

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Anni Elonen. Photo: Chris-Tomas Konieczny Photography.

What other art form is close to your heart? 

Definitely theatre. It makes me sad that I only go to the theatre maybe once or twice a year nowadays (or then I buy tickets only last minute, and miss performances for that reason). I love the theatre illusion and the whole world created by the stage, the lights, the set, the costumes, the theatrical smoke and the masks, where one can immerse in the story and the characters. In high school, I briefly dreamed of applying to the Theatre Academy, but finally I chose music for my dream career. I especially love musicals, and I hope to one day participate in one.
- Anni Elonen

My interests towards the arts have been manifold and ever-changing. But my favourite through the times has probably been, and is, Finnish poetry.
- Petri Ainali

Literature; Haruki Murakami and Victor Hugo are my favourites. I also enjoy architecture, and in new places I can walk around for hours just admiring churches and parks.
- Anne Pekkala 

I am inspired by theater, which takes place in time, just like music. The story begins, develops and ends, and in the performance the audience is taken on a journey that is never repeated exactly the same. This uniqueness fascinates me in live music, too. 
- Petteri Pitko

Photography. I really enjoy watching nice photos. I am not a top photographer myself, but I still like to take photos, of course with historical instruments, i.e. film cameras.
- Jaakko Luoma

Ballet. It never ceases to amaze me how dancers can express such a variety of small and big nuances and emotions with their movements. Thanks to my job, I can follow from a short distance what kind of work it requires to achieve the illusion. When the intermission starts, the ballerina who just moments ago magically glided on staged is panting and sweating heavily without saying a word throughout our elevator ride together. 

At its best, ballet combines the same things that also make opera so wonderful: when all components come together, they constitute so much more than the sum of their parts. Nacho Duato’s Bach choreography or Crystal Pite’s The Seasons' Canon to music by Max Richter are brilliant examples of this. 
- Jussi Seppänen

Literature. I love to dive into other worlds.
- Anna Rinta-Rahko

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