About Queen Christina and the European roots of our national identity

Artikkeli 24-03-2017

In the concerts Dancing Queen – Music from the life of Christina, Queen of Sweden, the concert program contained an extra booklet with articles written by Matti Klinge, Anu Lahtinen and Laura Yli-Seppälä. The three articles explored different perspectives on the life of Queen Christina. In celebration of the centenary of Finland’s independence, the texts also fathomed the European roots of the Finnish national identity, which reach far back in time to long before the official independence of our country.

Sébastien Bourdon: Christina, Queen of Sweden

The booklet was available in Finnish, Swedish and English. You can now read the articles online.

About Queen Christina in English

Om drottning Kristina på svenska

Kuningatar Kristiinasta suomeksi

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