Practices during the times of Covid-19


These exceptional times change the practices of our concerts. We at FiBO are doing everything we can to ensure that the concert experience is safe for everybody. Besides the limited amount of sold tickets, also other safety aspects are considered during our concerts. Your ticket can also be postponed to another concert in case of illness. Please see the full list of special arrangements behind the link. 


Limited audiences 
A limited amount of tickets will be sold to all our concerts. At the House of Nobility, for instance, the tickets are cut down by a little more than half of the normal amount, and the audience area is broadened to ensure large enough space between every seat. 

Hand hygiene
Hand sanitizer will be provided at every concert. 

Safety distances 
Please keep safe distances from others, especially when queuing for the restrooms, cloakrooms and the concert halls. 

Face masks
We are happy to see you wearing a face mask! Our staff will be wearing masks at all times. 

In case of illness
Please do not come to the concert if you are feeling sick or if you have any kind of symptoms. If you have bought a ticket and get sick you can postpone the ticket to an upcoming concert (this doesn't concern the concert on 15th September). Please contact us preferably via email on It is also possible to call this number: 045 111 9822.

Contact details
The ticket vendor (e.g. Ticketmaster) will gather the information from all who have bought  tickets in advance. FiBO gathers the contact information from the audience purchasing the ticket at the door and via FiBO’s online shop. The contact details will be used to inform all participants if a positive Covid-19 result occurs. 

Due to the app Koronavilkku cell phones are allowed to keep switched on, but only on silent mode and preferably also without vibrations. 

Opening of the doors
The doors of The House of Nobility will open 30 minutes before the concert begins. The audience is directed straight to the concert hall and will enter the hall through two doors according to their seat on the ticket. 

Ticket sale and other sales
The normal ticket booth is small and is located to the left in the hallway. We recommend buying the tickets in advance, but it will also be possible to purchase tickets at the door, preferably by using card payment. There will be nothing else sold at the concert. 

Outdoor clothes
Outdoor clothes can be left in the cloakroom or taken into the concert hall. There will be empty seats around the whole hall to leave your coat on. 

In the concert hall
In the concert hall the audience will sit with a safe distance of at least a metre between every seat. Please respect that you are not allowed to change the seating. Your seat is marked on the ticket. 

There will be a mini program on every seat consisting of the repertoire and musicians of the concert. The official program will be launched as a pdf file on the concert’s own page on the website of the orchestra at the latest on the concert day morning. 

Concert leading, intermissions and the café service
During the concerts this autumn there will be neither leadings at the beginning of the concerts nor intermissions. Also no café services will be provided. With these arrangements we minimize moving around and overcrowding in the audience areas. 

Exiting of the concert hall
The exiting after the concert will happen row by row, starting from the first row. Our staff will direct this. 

Wishing you a safe concert experience!