Sat 27.5.2017 03.00 pm
Vaasa Church, Vaasa
Vaasa Choir Festival
Tue 30.5.2017 07.00 pm
German Church, Helsinki


Juditha Triumphans

Vivaldi’s only surviving oratorio


Kajsa Dahlbäck, soprano and musical design
Ylva Gruen, Katariina Heikkilä and Essi Luttinen, mezzo-soprano
Akademiska Damkören Lyran, conductor Jutta Seppinen
Finnish Baroque Orchestra

Antonio Vivaldi (1678–1741) composed the war oratorio Juditha Triumphans (RV 644) after the Republic of Venice had defeated the Ottoman Navy during the siege of Corfu in 1716. The libretto is based on the Book of Judith from the Biblical apocrypha.

Vivaldi wrote the piece for the orchestra and choir of the girls’ orphanage Ospedale della Pietà in Venice, and accordingly, the oratorio is now performed by female soloists and choir. 

Dahlbäck, Gruen, Heikkilä and Luttinen. Photos: Anton Sucksdorff, Aino Huovio, Maria Jain and Alejandro Lorenzo.
Sun 28.5.2017 06.00 pm
The House of Nobility, Helsinki
The Residency Series


The Octet

A serenade to light


FiBO Players:
Antti Tikkanen and Hannu Vasara, violin
Tuula Riisalo, viola
Lea Pekkala, cello
Petri Ainali, double bass
Asko Heiskanen, clarinet
Tommi Viertonen, French horn
Jaakko Luoma, bassoon

In the eyes of his contemporaries, who were popular among the ruling class, Franz Schubert (1797–1828) was merely a mediocre composer. However, he found his admirers in the bourgeoisie. They enjoyed the fact that Schubert’s charming music came so close to the ordinary listener.

The Octet from 1824 is radiating warmth and beauty. With its joyfulness and exhilaration, the extensive chamber music composition in six movements continues the 18th century tradition of entertaining serenade music. It also contains plenty of solistic brilliance and musical ingenuity. Nowadays, The Octet is considered the pearl of its genre, but during Schubert’s lifetime it was only performed once.

Ville Komppa will lead a pre-concert discussion at the House of Nobility on May 28th from 17.15–17.45. 

The House of Nobility. Photo: Jaakko Paarvala
Fri 9.6.2017 07.00 pm
St. Henry’s Church, Pyhtää
Kymijoen Lohisoitto


Back to basics

Basic chamber music repertoire

J. S. Bach–Händel–Telemann–Leclair–Vivaldi

FiBO Players:
Petra Aminoff, traverso and recorder
Minna Kangas, violin
Louna Hosia, cello
Annamari Pölhö, harpsichord

Back to Basics returns to the core of baroque chamber music, where the standard line-up of flute, violin and continuo take on the classics.

Only the ensemble’s favourite works have been included in the program, which will be played in a church well-suited for chamber music, St. Henry’s Church in Pyhtää. In this space, the acoustics are great and the contact between the audience and the musicians is natural, which is also very essential to the concert-going experience.

Returning to trio sonatas is an attempt to brighten up this musical form and the relationship to composers such as Bach, Telemann, Händel and Leclair, as well as to maintain the good relations within the quartet and orchestra. The concert was premiered in The German Church in Helsinki last autumn. 

Pyhtää Church. Photo: Kari Kasurinen.
Sun 13.8.2017 07.00 pm
Hollolan kirkko, Hollola
Lahti Organ Festival


Concerti a molti stromenti

The final concert of the 45th International Lahti Organ Festival

Vivaldi–Bach–van Wassenaer–Telemann

Petra Aminoff, traverso
Irma Niskanen, violin
Petteri Pitko, harpsichord
Finnish Baroque Orchestra

The Baroque classics The Brandenburg Concertos are famous for their artful and vivid instrumentation, for which Johann Sebastian Bach found inspiration in the music of the Venetian Antonio Vivaldi. Influences from the Italian Baroque are strongly present also in the works of the two other composers in this concert, Georg Philipp Telemann and Georg Christoph Wagenseil. 

Hollola Church. Photo: Juhana Säde.