FiBO's online store open!

FiBO’s online store is now open! It is now possible to buy the newly published first album by FiBO Records, Moramoramor, from the online store. The album contains the third and fifth Brandenburg Concertos by Johann Sebastian Bach, Vivaldi’s concertos with the orchestra’s own soloists and Mora by Jukka Tiensuu. In addition to FiBO, the record presents Antti Tikkanen (violin, viola and leading) and Topi Lehtipuu (tenor). Buy yours now! 

The House of Nobility Residency Series in spring 2018

What will the spring of 2018 bring? Alto Susanne Langner, especially known for her interpretations of Bach, kicks off the series as FiBO’s soloist on February 9th. The second concert, a concert version of Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas, will be performed twice on April 27th and 29th. The series comes to an end on May 18th with a visit by violinist Amandine Beyer, who charmed audience during her last stay in Finland. 

Uusi AUF-konserttisarja

Avanti!, UMO and FiBO are beginning a collaboration that results in the AUF series of three daytime concerts at the Helsinki Music Centre this spring 2018. The concert theme is 'All kinds of classics'. A series ticket to the concerts is only 10 euros when bought from the Music Centre (13 euros from Ticketmaster)! Tickets are now on sale!