The fall season concerts to be announced before summer

The upcoming concerts for this fall and also next spring are being prepared and perfected at a fast pace. FiBO’s fall season 2017 brochure will presumably be published in May-June. Please be patient until then! In anticipation, we can reveal that the residency series concerts at the House of Nobility will be held on October 8th, November 5th and December 1st. 

FiBO to perform at a new Finnish festival

The Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra (FRSO) is starting a new festival with a yearly changing theme. The theme for the first festival in January 2018 is Beethoven, but there is also music by other composers on the program. Among the performers is FiBO, beside FRSO. Read more (in Finnish) about the festival.

News: the Artistic Management Team

Antti Tikkanen’s term as the Artistic Director for FiBO culminates in this fall season’s concerts. The practices that Antti has planted in FiBO; strong collaboration and expanding the artistic responsibility to the individual musicians, are to be refined: beginning in 2018, the orchestra will be developed by an Artistic Management Team. In 2017, the team consists of Antti Tikkanen, Petteri Pitko and as permanent member, the orchestra’s Executive Director Laura Kajander.