Louna Hosia and Anni Elonen
Sat 30.6.2018 11.30 am Laurinmäki Crofter’s Museum, Janakkala
Janakkala Baroque
Sat 30.6.2018 02.00 pm Laurinmäki Crofter’s Museum, Janakkala
Janakkala Baroque

The Princess and the Swineherd

A musical tale for children

Charpentier – Vivaldi – Land – Lully – J. S. Bach – Uccellini

Anni Elonen, narrator, violin and glockenspiel
Louna Hosia, cello and jouhikko lyre


Based on H. C. Andersen’s story The Swineherd, this musical tale coloured with Baroque music tells the story about picky and arrogant princess Anneli, and of prince Urmas, who has fallen in love with her. Superficial Anneli does not want to marry him because he brought her the wrong kinds of proposal gifts. Urmas then dresses as a poor swineherd, and finally he makes Anneli understand that the things that are really important in life are real and cannot be measured in money.

The music and the story intertwine in a fascinating show, in which all the central elements have their own musical themes. The audience gets to participate in the concert, e.g. with clapping and dancing in the role of the courtiers.

The target audience is children; from the youngest in the family to about 10-year-olds.  

Duration: ca 35 min

Free entry