FiBO Collegium


FiBO Collegium is the Audience Development and Educational Team of the Finnish Baroque Orchestra. It aims to make the joy of Baroque music accessible for everyone, and organises concerts and workshops in music institutes, nurseries, schools, as well as in retirement homes. FiBO Collegium also offers further education courses for professional musicians, and organises Baroque workshops for senior citizens. Involvement and interactivity are key words in the activities.

The most showy and famous work by the FiBO Collegium is the Baroque spectacle Concerto Grosso, where hundreds of musicians, from adepts to apprentices, play together and separately. Apart from the grand orchestra, for instance rhythmic gymnastics, circus and aerobatics, fencing, Baroque dance and Baroque karaoke, as well as dramatized concerts intended for children have been seen and heard during the Concert Grosso events. 

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