Finnish Baroque Orchestra. Photo: Jaakko Paarvala.
Wed 22.11.2017 07.00 pm Kangasala Arts Centre, Kangasala
Thu 23.11.2017 07.00 pm Kuusankoski Church, Kuusankoski
Kuusankoski Church Music Week

Four Seasons

The nobility of violin concert suites


Antti Tikkanen, violin and leading
FiBO Players


The Baroque created the instrumentalist virtuoso, and the violin was the prima donna of Baroque virtuosity. In the 18th century, the solo concerto came to be the arena of display for virtuosos. Especially Antonio Vivaldi is to be thanked for its formation – his three-part concerto model was one of the most popular innovations of the Baroque. Vivaldi’s concerto created an effective and impressive musical frame in which the ingenious imagination could fly free.

But Vivaldi’s concert also folded easily into the shape of the orchestra, which brought focus to the skilful interplay of the whole orchestra. Vivaldi composed these kinds of orchestra concertos also as opera overtures. In this concert, we will hear a handful of Vivaldi’s orchestra concertos and symphonies, as well as the Four Seasons violin concert suite, which once stirred the audience with its acrobatic violin notation and its narration: it was unheard of that instrumental music without lyrics would tell a story describing natural phenomena, people’s activities and animal sounds. 

Already long before Vivaldi’s time, composers had imitated existing sounds in their music. Carlo Farina’s piece Capriccio Stravagante (1626), for example, animatedly reflects the early Baroque fancy for everything odd and dissonant. Even the title of the composition, ‘Curious inventions’, is a sign of this. Farina was a remarkable violin virtuoso, and one of the first to explore all the possible expressions of the violin, employing new techniques and ways of playing. In Capriccio Stravagante the string instruments imitate the growling of cats and barking of dogs, and the time signatures and dances change with theatrical speed.

In Kuusankoski, there will also be performances together with Chamber Choir Credo and the chamber orchestra of Kuusankoski Parish.

Duration: Kangasala 1 h 40 min (incl. intermission)

Tickets 23/20* + possible service fee 2,50 €: Kangasala Hall, Lippupiste’s points of purchase and, ja ovimyynti.

Tickets 17 € / 34 € (family ticket): at the door

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