FiBO Collegium!



Mon 23.4.2018
06.30 pm
Keravan seurakuntasali


FiBO Collegium is the Audience Development and Educational Team of the Finnish Baroque Orchestra. It aims to make the joy of Baroque music accessible for everyone, and organises concerts and workshops in music institutes, nurseries, schools, as

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The most showy and famous work by the FiBO Collegium is the Baroque spectacle Concerto Grosso, where hundreds of musicians, from adepts to apprentices, play together and separately. Apart from the grand orchestra, for instance rhythmic

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FiBO Collegium organises concerts in schools, nurseries, hospitals and other institutions, and also together with music institutes.The most well-known of the FiBO Collegium’s concert concepts is Concerto Grosso, which gathers musicians

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